China’s Lost and Found Daughters

I’m honored to have worked on this Al Jazeera documentary about China’s abandon daughters. It’s a documentary about a volunteer effort in China to reunite families, 40 more years after China first introduced the one-child policy. Many families in China gave away their babies after the first child to avoid harsh penalties. As Chinese families favor sons over daughters, most of the abandoned babies are females. This documentary shows a glimpse of life in China: the psychological struggle between reuniting with the blood-related family and be loyal to the adopted family.

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Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

For my year review, I measure progress by considering how many times I have left my comfort zone. They are in chronological order.

  • I turned down a video producer job in Singapore with Thomson Reuters to join the founding team of a media startup covering tech in Beijing. A year ago, I followed my gut without overthinking and endured a 60% salary cut. My decision has become a fun story to tell at job interviews: why I am crazy to choose an uncertain path. Also, my lessons learned from the hiring process with a startup.

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HKFP quoted me on WeChat’s digital red packets

I was interviewed by a reporter from Hong Kong Free Press about virtual red packets. It’s a favorite feature in Tencent’s all-encompassing app WeChat. Tencent introduced mobile payment two years ago to combat with Alibaba’s Alipay. Mobile payment in WeChat became popular when Tencent gave away virtual red packets to television audiences watching the annual Lunar New Year variety show on the state broadcaster.


Shoppers Shake their Device for Immersive Alibaba Commerce Experience

I watched Alibaba Singles’ Day Eve Shopping Spree variety show for the first time. It’s a mix of skits, singing performances, and celebrities competing in games. Alibaba added Western icons such as NBA star Kobe Bryant to shoot hoops and American band One Republic to perform this year. Katy Perry was on the list, but she bailed the show at the last minute due to undisclosed family matters, according to Bloomberg.

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