Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

For my year review, I measure progress by considering how many times I have left my comfort zone. They are in chronological order.

  • I turned down a video producer job in Singapore with Thomson Reuters to join the founding team of a media startup covering tech in Beijing. A year ago, I followed my gut without overthinking and endured a 60% salary cut. My decision has become a fun story to tell at job interviews: why I am crazy to choose an uncertain path. Also, my lessons learned from the hiring process with a startup.

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HKFP quoted me on WeChat’s digital red packets

I was interviewed by a reporter from Hong Kong Free Press about virtual red packets. It’s a favorite feature in Tencent’s all-encompassing app WeChat. Tencent introduced mobile payment two years ago to combat with Alibaba’s Alipay. Mobile payment in WeChat became popular when Tencent gave away virtual red packets to television audiences watching the annual Lunar New Year variety show on the state broadcaster.


Happy First Chinaversary, Wendy!

November 8, 2016, marks my one-year anniversary of residing in Beijing. I look back to reflect my journey in the P.R.C. I’m grateful for my connections who have helped me settling into a new city and understanding the local culture.

Fresh off the plane

  • With two suitcases, I parachuted in Beijing from Hong Kong to join a media startup’s founding team. Thanks to my college friend Andrew Buck, I rented his spare bedroom initially until I found my apartment a month later.

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A Backseat Passenger’s Conversation with a Female Didi Driver

According to my Didi Chuxing ride-hailing record, I have only encountered two female drivers out of 30 rides in the last few months in Beijing. I jumped on the back of a red Nissan Cima one Sunday afternoon and caught a glimpse of a female Didi driver’s life.

China has long faced a gender imbalance with the country traditionally favors sons, as Reuters reported: “about 118 boys are born for every 100 girls, against a global average of 103 to 107”. Therefore, I find it rare to meet a female Didi driver. I noticed she was not as confident as other male drivers regarding navigation, and I was curious about her background. Therefore, I struck up a conversation with her in Mandarin during my 13-kilometer ride.

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My Instagrams Featured at a Photo Exhibition

HONG KONG kaleidoscope — a  photo exhibition by community group HKInstayay — showcased Hong Kong through the eyes of Instagrammers. I’m honored that two of my photos were featured at Dominion Garden in Wan Chai near Pacific Place 3. The exhibition was on view for one week only, from December 7 to December 14.

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