Lessons Learned from News Summit 2011

What is News Summit 2011?

I attended Global Editors Network (GEN)’s inaugural three-day News World Summit (Nov. 27 – Nov. 29th, 2011) in Hong Kong last week. Based in Paris, GEN is a relatively new organization which was set up in March 2011.  I also live-tweeted most of the panels during the summit.  You can check my twitter feed.  Also, check the hashtag #news2011 on Twitter to find some of the interesting conversations during the summit.

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What is HKInstaYay?

HKInstaYay is a Hong Kong Instagram community. We are known as @hkinstayay on Instagram (IG), and you can track our photos on IG using hashtag #hkinstayay. We do monthly photo walks in Hong Kong. HKInstaYay is founded by Tyson Wheatly (IG @twheat), Peter Lang (IG @furkidsinhk) and Riley Edwards (IG @rig_) in early 2011.

We do monthly photo walks in different parts of town. Anyone is welcome. You don’t need to be an Instagrammer as long as you are into photography or exploring Hong Kong. Local photographers and visiting photographers from overseas are all welcome.

We had eight photo walks in the past. I have been an HKInstaYay member since the very first photo walk back in April 2011 where we went to Cheung Chau (長洲). I started using Instagram in January 2011. You can follow me @wwtang or check out my photo feed here if you don’t have an iPhone/iPad to install the Instagram app.

HKInstaYay is getting some PR lately.

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