China’s Lost and Found Daughters

I’m honored to have worked on this Al Jazeera documentary about China’s abandon daughters. It’s a documentary about a volunteer effort in China to reunite families, 40 more years after China first introduced the one-child policy. Many families in China gave away their babies after the first child to avoid harsh penalties. As Chinese families favor sons over daughters, most of the abandoned babies are females. This documentary shows a glimpse of life in China: the psychological struggle between reuniting with the blood-related family and be loyal to the adopted family.

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Fireside chats: How to pitch to investors?

I shot, edited and produced this video for Beijing-based tech media startup AllChinaTech.

AllChinaTech’s Co-Founder Wu Nan interviewed David Tang, Managing Director of Nokia Growth Partners, at the inaugural Tech Junction, a tech meetup group based in Beijing. Tang shared his insights on what investors look for at pitch meetings with entrepreneurs and how entrepreneurs should handle investment negotiations.

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Ceangal is an Irish Gaelic word means bond and relationship. Irish dancing is gaining popularity in Asia Pacific with regional competitions. In Hong Kong, one Irish dance teacher hopes her daughter will carry on the family tradition to compete in the world championship.

This documentary is produced by four masters students with the University of Hong Kong Journalism and Media Studies Centre. My role in this documentary was editing.