The Last Stand: A Hong Kong Newspaper Seller Meets Changes in the Media Landscape

Mr. Chow Fook-wah has owned a newspaper stand for 13 years in Causeway Bay – one of the most valued retail spaces in the world — under a footbridge at the corner of Percival Street and Hennessy Road. His newsstand runs 24 hours, with three employees on shifts to look after the stall and one delivers newspapers to offices in the morning. Unlike the neighboring newsstands, he chose to operate it non-stop since the early 2000′s because of business opportunities from the patrons going to the restaurants and bars late at night in the neighborhood. From his observance, the vibrant night market in Causeway Bay has changed.

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Interview: ‘Light Before Dawn’ Artists Illuminate Work in Exhibition

Three artists from Asia Society Hong Kong’s Light Before Dawn exhibition provide further insights into creating art during the Cultural Revolution. MaKelu, from the Wuming (No Name) artist group, offers anecdotes about the social backdrop and how he became interested in the arts. Qiu Deshu, from the Grass Society artist group, walks us through the thinking behind his exhibits, the “Crack Series,” and Qu Leilei, from theXingxing (The Stars) artist group, explains his “Facing the Future” series in the exhibition. The video is in Mandarin with English subtitles.

This is originally published on Asia Society Hong Kong Center’s blog.

Interview: Fumio Nanjo on the Future of Design

The chief curator of Imminent Domain: Designing the Life of Tomorrow, Fumio Nanjo, wanted to challenge the 12 Imminent Domain designers on how they see the future of design. In the interview below, Nanjo expresses his belief that design has evolved, changed and developed where the boundaries of different genres have blurred together. He sees big potential for Hong Kong in the creative world as he foresees the city as a center of creative activities.

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Interview: ‘When Gold Blossoms’ Collector Susan L. Beningson

Asia Society Hong Kong Center sat down with Susan L. Beningson, the private collector behind the exhibition When Gold Blossoms: Indian Jewelry from the Susan L. Beningson Collection, for a chat in which she explained how she started collecting jewelry and the societal, political and religious significance of jewelry in Indian culture.

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