How a filmmaker’s soft-sell marketing tactics further her brand

Filmmaker and entrepreneur Siok Siok Tan shared her tips on how startups should market themselves at Lean Startup Beijing’s March Meetup. Tan runs a social video platform in China called Kinetic One. As a visual storyteller, she has handled marketing for herself and her company in a subtle way, a practice that eventually helped her land speaking engagements everywhere including the World Economic Forum. Below are five of her marketing tips.

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8 smartphone hacks for the non-tech savvy

A recent Chinese government report shows that 90% of Chinese access the Internet via mobile devices, which means they probably own a smartphone. It’s also a worldwide trend, with many netizens in emerging markets skipping PCs to access information.

Many consumers are not sure how to quickly troubleshoot their devices.

Steve Castro, a veteran graphic and web designer, based in Long Island, NY, shared with me a few hacks on security and saving data, which can turn you into a savvier consumer.

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